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Over the past series we have seen on multiple occasions the childish attitude of Puig come out throughout the games. For instance in game 4 he hit a ball to opposite field and thought it was a homerun. We know he thought this because he threw his bat and did a huge dramatic pose pointing at the sky before running the bases. Then shortly after he began to round the bases, it became very apparent to him that he had not hit a homerun and that the ball bounced off the wall. Luckily due to his speed he got a triple but then continued to celebrate once at third. He made a complete idiot of himself! You look at a guy like Puig and tell me that he is not the cockiest player in the major league! He showboats on his first hit in the series! Its game 4 in the series and you dont have a hit!!!!! Then it comes back to bite him! He deserves every bad comment he gets because he puts himself in that position on an every game basis! You CANNOT dance around and sing to the music after you think you hit a homerun and then only get a triple. You look like an absolute idiot! You wonder why every team in the majors hates you? There is the reason why! Quit the showboating and play baseball! He has talent but it is so covered up by his childish actions that he becomes the most controversial player in baseball. Im surprised he doesnt get thrown at when at the plate more often. That may be the lesson he needs to learn. Someone in that organization needs to pull Puig aside and really let him have it before other teams do it for them!


ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? The saga continues and this is where I feel it went too far. Ryan Dempster in tonights game had Alex Rodriguez come to the plate in the 2nd inning. Dempster threw the first pitch behind A-Rod so message sent right? Wrong! He then throws 2 more pitches inside (all balls) and then he proceeds to throw another up and in and hits A-Rod in the elbow. The umpire warned both benches and ejected NO ONE!! A-Rod stood there and stared Dempster down while Joe Girardi was livid and then Girardi was the only one ejected! This is what is wrong with baseball. Ok so A-Rod used PED’s I get that but to throw 4 straight pitches at him is UNNECESSARY! Are you kidding me!! He sent the message with the first pitch that should be good enough for at least a warning from the umpire. Instead the umpire does nothing, A-Rod gets hit, benches and bullpens clear. Now if C.C. Sabathia accidentally hits a player or even does it intentionally he will be ejected. My point is that this is where the MLB needs to step in and end it before it starts. Who are we kidding C.C. will hit someone and get ejected! I have no care to who wins but everything that happens in this game is on the MLB and the officiating crew! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!